Information Warfare by Interrupt

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#### Verse I Into the rabbit hole we go \ Now pay attention don't be slow \ Sit back and enjoy the beat though What you're about to hear is a high-tier \ Wild ride of ideas all compressed and clear

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#### Verse I Interrupt, hit you like a truck \ Do you really give a fuck \ About what is happenin' what is up \ Do you even care to know \ About the backdrop of the show \ Rammed up your ass like a dildo Join the battle for your brain \ Leave the ranks of the insane \ Find out who's a slave and who reigns \ Recognize manipulation tactics \ Realize it is drastic \ And then move past it and that's it Leave the brainwash behind \ Use your mind and you'll find \ Information not quite that benign \ Suddenly everything makes sense \ If you're not naive or dense \ Now let the great awakening commence and #### Chorus Yeah - This is information warfare \ Best beware the information's all there (where?) \ Not in the media or in the social net \ Find the facts understand their impact yet \ Yeah - About the information warfare \ You want the truth then you better be scared \ Cause in the kingdom of the blind with the truth by your side \ You will find there is not one place to hide #### Verse II Let's talk about the papers and the TV \ Receiving information from the same agencies \ The same information and the same presentation \ Of the same sedation that you just don't want to see Controlled by the same owners the same donors \ Who decide what to show to the voters \ Decide how to spin and distort on a whim \ Then grin as they watch the brainwash begin Tell you what you need to think and believe \ Conceive all the stories that you willingly receive \ Not a single thing they tell you is true \ That information isn't new \ Now go and construe your own view #### Chorus #### Bridge Nobody's gonna tell you what's real \ Instead they teach you what to feel \ Condition and appeal \ To morality and abstract shit \ Omit the facts so that you don't start throwing a fit Psychology of the masses \ Apathetic and passive \ So the new order advances \ You're being kept in the dark \ Separated and torn apart \ Not a single chance for a new start Overwhelmed with things that conflict \ Depictions of fictions that contradict \ So there's no making sense of it all \ The emperor stands tall \ While divided we fall First recognize all the lies then \ Analyze what they're trying to hide \ What direction they're pushing us in \ Then call up a friend, and tell him #### Verse III What about your memes \ It would seem that they're free \ Fuck no your ignorance is the key \ So you start to believe what the hivemind feeds you \ Achieving their goals with means you can't see through The internet is a threat that dares to upset \ Control of the information you get \ So they lure the swarm onto a centralized platform \ Make you conform to this new norm then they Push artificial content that's meant to sway \ You and your friends from opinions and trends \ Make sure that what they convey leads you astray \ Make your display tell you what to say #### Chorus

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#### Verse I Listen to the beat \ Walking down the street \ Looking all around what do you see \ The people that you meet \ Those who you greet while \ Discreetly you may think that they are sheep Cause you figured it out \ There ain't no doubt \ You're immune to the shit that they all shout \ So you flout cause you think that you know all about \ The workings of power so you open your mouth Some things you believe in some you don't \ And you laugh at the clones of opinions shown \ Your thoughts are totally free \ Absolutely not guided by the scenes on the screen \ You're sure that you know how it goes \ Convinced the things Interrupt sings is for show \ Discard the message presented to you \ And just rock out to the groove #### Chorus The masses are dumb \ Just lay down a trail of crumbs \ And make them succumb \ Easy to make them move but I'm sure that you \ Think that you're one of the few \ Who can see through The masses are scared \ They're easy to lead anywhere \ Since they've been prepared \ Easy to guide where you want them to go \ But I'm sure that you think that you totally know #### Verse II No blame it is hard to conceive of the \ Level of evil and the goal that they try to achieve \ When you as a person are good \ It's hard to imagine leaders don't act as they should Against our interests actively against us \ Their crimes have many a witness \ All being swept under the rug so your brain \ Remains on drugs impossible to unplug Sit and consume - trust in the news like fools \ And take the financial abuse \ Learn and internalize the taboos \ Know these are the rules that you choose Meanwhile keep believing in your dream \ Where the emperor's fiends are free to scheme \ To pick up steam for their evil regime while \ You deem things to be just what they seem #### Chorus #### Bridge First they ignore you then they laugh \ Then they fight you on the emperor's behalf \ Resistance is scary so they \ Pull all the stops to make you very weary Guns blazing they come for your skin \ Fight to the death from without and within \ Harassing your friends with the lies and the spin \ When it begins you know you have a chance to win (Solo) #### Chorus #### Outro I'm sure that you think that you know \ I'm sure when you look out your window \ I'm sure what you see makes sense \ Those who don't agree with you must be dense I'm sure that you think that you know \ Even though you appreciate the flow \ You might think Interrupt trips balls \ We'll see the fall of the emperor's cabal

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#### Verse I Do you ever think about the world \ About how the rich rape and murder little girls \ Have you heard how they get away \ There's shit goin on today, all over the place \ Wherever you look, it's the same group of crooks \ The same group of gangsters and banksters and books \ A generational scheme, as old as civilization it seems The whole thing is massive \ Implications drastic, hard to move past it \ But you gotta cope - move into the unknown \ True things you have to be shown \ It's late - we got a lot on our plate \ Awaken the minds that will not detonate \ To escape our eternal fate as a permanent caste \ Of worthless slaves for all ages #### Chorus INTERRUPT - 'cause we really give a fuck \ 'bout the state of the planet and the beings that it's got \ 'bout the state of the state and the state of the cash \ Aware they prepare us for yet another crash \ INTERRUPT - 'cause enough is enough \ And we'll see for the culprits to be in their cuffs \ It's that or the lack of an option at all \ United we stand and we can't afford to fall #### Verse II You gotta understand \ Everything is planned and nobody gives a damn \ The wars and the sickness the hunger and hate \ All direct aims of the Emperor's dictates \ The evil is boundless restless groundless \ An attack on our soundness \ Consumed by the wish for destruction \ Did long admit population reduction With an army of helpers' helpers' helpers \ In key positions and in shelters \ Commands are handed down from the tower to the \ Guys on the ground through a horrible secret bound \ It's so bad I can't rap it out loud \ Those who know know what I'm talking about \ And they source the flesh from the cattle that they own \ Children of the land that they own, which is all #### Chorus

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#### Verse I I don't give a fuck about the business or the fucking game \ I put you all to shame, 'cuz you motherfuckers are gettin' played \ It's insane how you fell into the trap \ Real rap is dead and you ain't never gettin' it back \ It's a fact they been pushin' all this gangsta crap \ Since way back but you never asked, why is that \ Now the spiral's in effect, shit is going down fast \ Since they made a pact at the secret meeting in fact That's how all decisions happen - they chose to attack rap when \ It gained traction and prompted positive action \ "We can't allow that, we need them on the prison track" \ "They have to stay on crack and glorify everything bad" \ And so events took their course \ Make sure to enforce only crap goes into the stores \ So the anxious youth gets fed the gangbangers' truth \ Make 'em aim to be wannabe gangsters too #### Chorus I'm not a rapper I don't do that type of shit \ Attacker and I'm using my wit, because I never will submit \ Expose what everybody knows deep down \ I'll never throw, never go, never be crowned I'm not a rapper I don't play by your rules \ Fuck your jewels you're being used by the power like tools \ Offer me a mil and I'll deny \ You won't buy my silence until the day I die I'm not a rapper #### Verse II I find that shit sad \ The way you're being had, and the way your culture has become a fad \ Spreading bad values, moralizing in a vacuum 'n \ Glorifying crap that'll crash you \ Everybody has to deal drugs \ Everybody has to be thugs team up or be mugged \ Everybody has to live a shit life get high \ Walk around with a knife be the bad guy Or you're not real - and you lose all your appeal \ To another dude who conforms to this shit ideal \ So you double-down act like a motherfucking clown \ To be known all around as an idiot \ Period. When will y' learn \ At every turn I see things that are great concerns \ But instead to act you keep eating what you're fed \ So I'll say it again: rap is dead #### Chorus

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#### Verse I There is war, there is famine and disease \ In accordance with the nature of the beast \ What is good will be deceased - such is the emperor's creed \ And his decree's being implemented at full speed And we bleed as our humanity recedes \ Collaborators agree we should be under their tyranny \ So they lead us in dystopian dreams where they \ Proceed to direct what the people ought to believe #### Chorus This is far from being new \ It's a thing that's been brewed \ Over the course of centuries through \ An evil goal that's pursued \ The planet to be subdued \ A task for generations to do It might be cleverly concealed \ But it still is very real \ Once you break open the seal \ And you see there's no appeal \ So you try to make a deal \ Couple things get revealed \ And you decide to kneel #### Verse II There is lies, there is evil and vice \ It's been disguised you don't notice your mind is colonized \ To be precise, it's been sold to you as a paradise \ So you decide, be an ally and walk into your demise They discredit the wise, opposition dropping like flies \ The resistance compromised, corruption is maximized \ Plans are being revised, and supplies are being piled \ Ready to brutalize possible outcries #### Chorus #### Verse III There is death in the air, there is despair \ And ample reason for prayer at every moment to spare \ While the emperor declares the allegiance you must swear \ To him, and the cause, and his heir - that's how you're ensnared Then you're dragged into affairs you'd rather not be aware \ You're getting scared, going deeper into the nightmare \ But your judgement is impaired, your morals have gotten rare \ So you kneel in your square, before the armchair #### Chorus

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#### Intro What's up, we're Interrupt, never give a fuck \ Never stop dropping those rap riffs that rock \ Never give up - never change our damn stance \ Target the ones blasting the innocents \ No names - everyone knows it's true \ The emperor's control over you we're gonna go through \ Take notes - do whatever floats your boat \ We're starting the show right now let's go #### Verse I FIRST - the financial system \ Try to diss them, and you'll be missed friend \ They use the banks to finance the advance of plans \ That benefit them to our detriment \ That's why they're the cause for all wars \ Inflicting scars in population's hearts \ Money for the guns, and cash for the rest \ All lent to the governments to pay back at interest SECOND - TV and the media \ Manipulate the masses and they will believe in ya \ Feed them a picture, a narrative good \ Eat the lies or ostracized you should be \ So they shape our reality \ Shape what we think what we believe and what we see \ Shape what we do even we think it's true \ But naturally you're impervious aren't you #### Chorus Know the methods of control know where it all goes \ Know you're never getting close to the throne \ Know the revolution is due \ Know not to speak out or they're gonna get you #### Verse II THIRD - they own the governments \ The politicians judges who do they represent \ Hold elections every couple of years \ Switch the puppets to alleviate our fears \ Nothing ever changes 'cause it's not supposed to \ Decent people got enough hoops to go through \ And that little bit of power you sought \ There's no chance you'll get it, unless you're corrupt FOURTH - control the corporations \ Big globalistic more powerful than nations \ Make them own all the production and land \ You will have to slave away man, you understand \ Destroy all the local stores \ Make sure they're all going to the big malls \ Own your souls and control your desires \ and Place their wires at the center of your lives #### Chorus #### Verse III FIFTH - impoverish the language \ Changing terms so dissent will be vanquished \ Think of your sandwich not of the world - y' \ Can't use thoughts or words you never heard \ SIXTH - poison the well \ Weaken the bodies the minds and the cells \ Fill all the food with cancer causing chemicals \ Remove various vitamins from fruit 'n vegetables SEVENTH - they make sure you're scared \ Whatever is there you should always beware \ Neighbours and sickness all can be witness \ Every year brings a new thing for you to fear \ EIGTH - erase all the ties \ The families and tribes the elders and the wise \ Make you alone in the face of the throne \ So there's no protection against the storm #### Chorus #### Verse IV NINTH - the illusion of choice \ Rejoice, you may think you have a voice \ But your options are set by the same dudes \ Whatever you choose to adopt you will lose \ TENTH - the brainwash is real \ Input things you are conditioned to feel \ Trigger you to snap to a vigorous reaction \ Keeping your conscious under constant attack and ELEVENTH - divide and conquer \ Keeping you under free to be plundered \ Redirecting all the tension and anger and \ Hate towards those who share your fate \ TWELVTH - there's much more to tell how they \ Worship an angel that fell - how they \ Create the crashes and burn to ashes \ Turn you into bastards steal all the pastures How they own the whole world \ Dissenting voices as soon as they're heard are \ Shot so no-one uncovers the plot \ Right now it's time for me to stop

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#### Verse I Wake up. They're keeping the lid shut \ Build up pressure then \ Engineer a crisis to ignite this \ Setup enterprises Wake up. They're keeping the lid shut \ On the widescale rape and abuse \ Rituals and incantations \ Depredations by the top of the nations Wake up. They're keeping the lid shut \ And it's about to blow you can see the \ Cracks in the stone \ It'll be history and old but \ Now it's about our souls Wake up. They're keeping the lid shut \ And we might just be fucked \ But many more wake up to the evil truth \ Today there's a chance for the beast to lose #### Verse II Wake up. They're keeping the lid shut \ On how things actually work \ On who owns 'em who controls 'em \ Who gives the orders who takes and who phones 'em Wake up. They're keeping the lid shut \ Make us weak and dumb lower standards and then some \ So you can't even envision the prison you're in \ Right up until the end Wake up. They're keeping the lid shut \ On truly spectacular tech \ Miraculously we'll get \ Solution and the cause and effect \ All diseases and death Wake up. They're keeping the lid shut \ And it's about to blow Interrupt just told you so \ And when it blows you better get into fucking cover \ Cause this ain't like no other #### Hook For the first time in Aeons there is lightning \ Under the darkened sky the light is frightening \ Struck! The evil goblins disperse \ Leaving unbelievable traces of their curse \ Horrific things impossible to ignore \ And these only the deeds of the emperor's whores \ Bit by bit - all the things come out \ And all the little heads bury themselves in the ground #### Outro Wake up. They're keeping the lid shut

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#### Verse I Sit down let me tell you a tale \ Of greed and corruption and evil aswell \ Morphed into a beast of hell - the key is the sale \ It's clear when you follow the trail Such is the nature of things \ What used to be kings are puppets on strings \ Ruled from within and very much alike \ Choose from a douche and a turd that is quite right The direction's the same \ They all make claims 'n at the end of the day \ We know there's no change - some accept it 'n some rage \ Some choose to obey Either way the machinery moves \ Towards less liberty 'n more troops \ It's true there's organized forces at play \ What do we do when we're told to behave #### Chorus Rage! Rage against the machine \ You're not in a dream it's a nightmare but you can't \ Scream! And you seek to intervene take a \ Peek behind the curtains of the scenes we get to \ See - get to know your enemy, get to \ Drop the right bombtrack on them properly \ Get them to testify, 'n shine the \ Spotlight on the trial #### Verse II On the other side the brutality of cash \ Reality of posession and the posessed \ Cut-throat competition in their own nest \ No loyalties friends just servants at best No care for your food for the air or the trees \ Big corps act just as they please \ And put on sweet veneers \ Just to adhere to the public's current cheers But the market rules you can \ Play against the house and you will lose \ It's sad but it's true - everybody yearns for a buck \ Yearns for a life that does not completely suck So we turn to ordering junk that \ Does not fulfill us or make us strong \ Turning us numb to the things we have done \ Let's get together start becoming one and #### Bridge (fuck you I won't do what you tell me) \ I will do what I can to remain free \ I will search for the truth where it may be \ I swear this on the name of my deity \ I will give everyone this same idea #### Chorus

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#### Verse I This is rythm fuckery \ Straight from the OG \ With a murderous beat \ Now get on your feet \ And nod your fucking head \ Until you're dead \ That's what I said Hear the noise feel the rythm \ Listen to the flow driven \ Are you trippin? \ Can you loosen up \ Do you feel the groove enough \ To deal with this stuff #### Chorus Are you ready for a very heavy rap \ Potentially a deadly trap \ Are you ready to dare, to \ Rock out to the sound of the snare #### Verse II Are you ready to snap \ Can you follow the track \ Is your brain still intact \ Or is this too much crap \ Does your mind feel under attack Are your ears overpowered by the sound \ Are the riffs too loud \ Will you be down with the crowd \ When Interrupt comes to your town #### Chorus

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#### Verse I (let there be) \ Riffs and a growl or a scream - double-bass 'n \ Blast beats smashin thru the scene in virtuosity \ That shit can be sick man \ Inhuman licks picked then introduction to the circle pit (damn) \ Many are masters of their craft just \ Shred on their axes play very fast just \ Leave you standing in awe cz' the prowess is raw \ the performance is without a flaw #### Hook Metal is love \ Metal is life #### Verse II And the riff kicks in you can't help but grin \ Steamroll you slowly to the end with the \ Force of distorted guitar - but wait there's more \ Got the widest selection of all \ We got vikings, dragons and mages \ Spacefaring races tales for all ages \ The brutalest evil and the really happy shit \ Whatever you're into you will find a fit #### Hook Follow me now \ Say it with me Metal is love \ Metal is life #### Chorus ...and your head begins to bang \ Just now you understand the \ True seed of rap that Juicy and phat \ Nobody nowhere's got no problem wit dat \ Or they get smacked by the wall of sound \ Wait - mate turn it up loud \ Nothing emits more power than this \ Not even the crowd all raising their fists ...and your head continues to bang \ It is insane \ With the drive and speed o' the kick \ Double-bass hit you in the face like a brick \ Sick! You wish you had hair \ Do the windmill to the snare \ Look inside and you'll find the words are precise \ Metal is love and metal is life #### Solo by [Thomas Spindeldreher]( #### Hook Power and might \ Fire and steel You can't escape \ It is too real Follow me now \ Say it with me Metal is love \ Metal is life

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#### Intro Can you feel it creeping deep inside of you \ Can you believe what they teach you is far from being the truth \ Can you take a piece of info and properly think it through \ Can you leave behind all that you thought you knew #### Verse I Open your eyes, take a look and analyze \ Disregard the so-called truth they advertise \ This isn't right, you can feel it deep inside \ Swallow your pride and allow me to be your guide Tensions are high, misery is on the rise \ Let me remind you prophets have and will be crucified \ Nations collide, while our rulers sit aside \ Laughing at the loads of suffering that they provide #### Chorus It's all by design, the nature of the crime \ The art of the lie, and fuck the people passing by \ It's live or die, you will never see it why \ Your mind is clouded by what the emperor designed #### Verse II It's all by design, the civillians dying \ The war and propaganda feeding you the hype \ This is fine, you argue to your glass of wine \ Keeping you quiet is a primordial paradigm We're in decline, you can hear it through the vine \ Yet you stay confined in the prisons of your mind \ Your thoughts align with the views you've been assigned \ It's easy to deny your situation has been designed #### Chorus #### Bridge Do you think it's a coincidence? \ Don't you have a bit of dissonence? \ When the rich get away and they lead you astray \ Then they brazenly lie to your face lemme tell you straight Everyone's in the know they chose to be sold \ So that they can get some gold but they \ Play by the rules of the game - with no shame \ Prostitute themselves to get fame Who controls the cash? Who does the rehash \ Every decade a financial crash so you get \ Used to the higher prices, left to your devices \ Til the arrival of the next crisis Every war is planned your freedoms are a sham \ The agenda doesn't give a damn we're all \ Lambs to the slaughter on the altar of the devil \ Be careful, ignore the horror at your peril #### Chorus

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#### Verse I I come at you with a portscan - check out your services \ You nervous yet? Let's see what's there to get \ What platform you're on \ What's left of your backups after I'm done \ It's too late to run \ Your systems have become pawns in my net \ I crack your hashes, you reuse i bet \ Setup my rootkit and mine all day \ Maybe demand a ransom for you to pay Yeah - I'm havin fun with your shit \ I drop a database and imagine your fit \ Disconnect the box, cut power to the building \ I'll still be there, in the phones that you're fielding \ I walk in and no-one suspects \ No-one asks or guesses when I go to your desk \ Quickly plug in a little thing or three \ All of your keystrokes for me to see #### Chorus A pale creature at night behind a screen \ Cloaked hooded with a mask who could it be \ Gonna penetrate your net with a maximum effect \ Disrupt and steal all there is to get Sometimes just casually walking by \ Doing a drop, a snipe, a wardrive \ Setup an airgap and try to buy time, it's fine \ In the end your files are all mine #### Verse II I hijack your account now the fun begins \ Send sick sorts of porn to your friends \ Tell your boss he's a prick and proclaim you're gay \ Deface all of your pages and I'll get away \ Next I call up your bank, check up on the cash \ That's a lovely little number in your stash \ Next day it's gone and you panic what the fuck is going on \ I'm just sittin' at my keys having fun Your firewalls and antivirus is a joke \ As soon as I'm inside I make your network explode \ Got domain admin and root on every shell \ Going pretty well, I think it's money I smell \ I own your systems own your business own your life \ Your browser history I'm gonna send it to your wife \ Ever heard of coin, well you better buy fast \ There is no mercy, and there is no relapse #### Chorus

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#### Verse I (it all starts with a) \ Question, where are we from \ What is the purpose of this song \ Maybe take another hit from the bong \ What's the metaphysical truth \ The secret of eternal youth \ What makes the universe move A lot of things they don't want you to know \ The secrets of the ancient greeks a long time ago \ Energies vibrations and flows \ Technologies stolen from the ancients below Join me on a discovery trip \ See all the lovely shit \ Take off your novelty wig and \ Embrace the fact that things are not what they seem \ Ascend to a higher state of being you feel me A lot of things they're keeping from us \ Various discoveries of gods and aliens \ Trapped beneath the ice you should heed my advice \ Recognize the lies 'n use your own eyes #### Chorus We're on a quest for the hidden and forbidden knowledge \ This is a test that I'm giving at the rythm college \ We're ignorant about numerous things \ Luminous beings who don't know about our beautiful wings \ So we're searching for the hidden and forbidden knowledge \ It's not been written so it's missin' quite a bit of polish \ Don't let it stop you from seeing what's real \ It may be ideal what do you feel #### Verse II (here's another) \ Question, what do we know \ About the UFO that crashed down in New Mexico \ Took one alive and analyzed the craft \ The other two died but this time at last we Got a thing to reverse engineer \ Antigravitation has been here for many years \ The phenomenon is well understood \ Walking on the sun, I bet ya we could It's been long since we been to the moon \ But not with these crude fabrications they shown you dude \ Black projects are lightyears away \ The rockets are just there to entertain We been in contact with alien races \ Made exchanges sent people to their bases \ We know about half a dozen of them \ Some are hostile, others wanna be friends #### Chorus #### Bridge What's the most utopic thing you can think of \ What mindblowing shit do you wish was true \ What if we could cure all diseases \ What if it's a breeze and they keep it from you \ What if all we know is a joke \ What if I told you made your head explode \ What if we moved things with our minds \ What if it's inside us this whole time #### Verse III (what about the) \ Question what do you believe in \ What if atheism nihilism are deceiving \ What if those rituals do hold power \ What if they counter the evil people in the tower Maybe the church is a fake \ Maybe it distracts you from havin faith \ Maybe all the miracles are still unexplained \ Maybe a great many things got lost in translation We are parts of a whole if you still have a soul \ 'n prayers work, no need for a paper roll \ If your heart is pure then you just found the cure \ I'm sure you will be safe and secure Separated in the flesh the divine spark \ We're connected like a mesh in the dark \ If we sense and give in to our hearts \ The evil will depart and leave us in \ Peace for a new start #### Chorus

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Written, performed and produced by
James Vile

Mixed, mastered and co-produced by
Eric Harings

Graphics and artwork by
Roger Creus

Guitar solo on Track 11 by
Thomas Spindeldreher