Pre-production begins

Jan 4th, 2022

Almost half a year after releasing Information Warfare, I look back on it with mixed feelings. It is certainly a strong debut, but it also falls short in many ways, and therefore does not fulfill this vision that's been haunting me for the past decade. This means it is time for to commence work on the next iteration of INTERRUPT. A multitude of weaknesses have been identified, and a plan has been drawn up for their remediation. Both the instrumentation and lyrical concept are to receive a significant overhaul, while technical improvements of the production process will allow for a better sound. I don't expect a release to occur any earlier than 2023, maybe even 2024, depending on the challenges I will face. Stay tuned and tell your friends! James Vile, INTERRUPT

Musicians wanted!

Aug 4th, 2021

After much sweat and numerous grey hair, INTERRUPT has finally gone live, and it comes closer to my vision than anything I have had the fortune to hear so far. However its full realization is not achievable with my practical musicianship, and I am still looking for talented, like-minded individuals to truly bring the project to life. Its biggest weakness currently is everything. Drums created by someone who's a drummer, guitars played by someone who can play things other than metal, and bass played by someone who doesn't play bass because he plays guitar - in short, a talented instrumental section - would be a godsend in striking a much more even balance between rap and metal, which is currently far too tilted towards the latter. If you believe you see what I see, hear what I hear, if you vibe with it and believe you can contribute, [send me something](/contact/).